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A Journey of Faith and Food with Andrew Camp | Episode 183

How food connects spirituality and community

In this episode, we’re looking at the intersection of faith and food, featuring the fascinating journey of former pastor and sous chef, Andrew Camp. The podcast highlights how food connects spirituality and community, discussing Andrew's upbringing, culinary education, and integration of faith with his culinary passion. His decision to pursue a career as a sous chef stems from a heartfelt desire to harmonize his faith with his culinary passion, ultimately leading him on a transformative odyssey through culinary school and into the expansive culinary domain. Andrew's culinary expedition mirrors his spiritual journey, emblematic of his creativity, fervor, and the authentic fusion of faith with culinary artistry.

Check out a preview of the podcast above where Andrew talks about lingering at tables, from the communion table to the dinner table.

Listen to the Podcast Episode

Show Notes:

The Biggest Table (Andrew's Podcast)

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