Apr 2 • 20M

Episode 137: Why We Need 'Thoughts and Prayers'

Prayers alone is a poor response to gun violence. But it is an important response.

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Dennis Sanders
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In this podcast episode, Dennis Sanders, the host of "Church and Main," expresses his frustration with the responses to the recent school shooting in Nashville. He criticizes the "thoughts and prayers" response as uncaring and un-American but also acknowledges the importance of prayer as a basis for action. Dennis emphasizes the need for prayer in the face of great evil and the responsibility to craft policies that will answer the cries of millions of children in our country. He encourages listeners to spend less time on social media and more time on their knees in prayer.

Show notes:

In the Face of Tragedy, Petitioning God Is an Act of Faith by David French

The Bulletin Podcast from Christianity Today ( had a good episode on the Nashville Shooting)

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