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Episode 40: Rob Sanders on the Interstate Highway System (Rewind)

Episode 40: Rob Sanders on the Interstate Highway System (Rewind)

Why does the Interstate Highway System matter?  What made it so amazing?  Why is it so unappreciated today?  How is it learning from its past mistakes?

In this Rewind Episode originally broadcast in April 2021, I talked to Rob Sanders who like me, is a transportation geek.  Rob is the creator and host for Road Guy Rob, a video, web, and podcasting platform which connects the general public with today’s cutting-edge developments in transportation engineering. A Utah native, 12-year veteran of public radio, where Rob was drawn to every transportation story he got his hands on.  He was so interested in transportation that he went back to school to get a Master's in Civil Engineering from Brigham Young University in 2018.

In this episode, we talk about the Interstate Highway System and its impact on the United States. Show Notes:Road Guy Rob's website Road Guy Rob YouTube ChannelDennis Sanders-Thoughts from a Freeway Lover 

Freeways without Futures- Congress for New UrbanismCelebrating Fifty Years of the Interstate Highway System- US Department of Transportation

Save Our Freeways! - Andrew Zimmerman

How Racism Shaped Interstate Highways - NPR

Racist Interstates?- Stephen Malanga 

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