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Episode 52: What Is Christian Democracy with William Fleming

Episode 52: What Is Christian Democracy with William Fleming

The United States stands alone among major democracies in having just two parties. For many years that was okay; because the Democrats and Republicans were actually two coalitions with smaller “parties” within them. But as the parties have become purer, our politics have become more polarized and unable to govern. It has also left a lot of people who were once part of either party on the outs. Pro-life Democrats and Moderate Republicans have become rare in our political culture.

Could a third party break the logjam? History would tell us no but William Fleming would say yes. Fleming is the head of the Georgia state affiliate of the American Solidarity Party. What’s unique about this party is the ideology that it springs from. The ASP is a Christian Democracy party. You might think this is some kind of far-right theocratic party, but it’s not. Instead, Christian Democracy is an ideology that is ground in Catholic Social Teaching and Neocalvinist thought. It takes these teachings to provide solutions on issues such as poverty and the environment. The parties are found throughout the world, with the most well-known being the Christian Democrats in Germany and the Christian Democrats of Chile.

In this episode, we learn about Christian Democracy and the American Solidarity Party.

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