Feb 3, 2022 • 59M

Episode 73: Where Two or Three Are Gathered

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Dennis Sanders
Church and Main is a podcast at the intersection of faith and modern life. Join Pastor Dennis Sanders as he shares the stories of faith interacting with the ever-changing world of the 21st century.
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If you’re like me, the pastor of a small, declining congregation or a member in such a congregation, no doubt you’ve heard this phrase or some form of it from a member leaving the congregation or a denominational official. Your congregation doesn’t have enough people to survive, so its best that you end the visible ministry of the congregation. But is that the whole story? Is viability based on how many butts are in the pews? How many people do you need to to have a church, anyway. Tracy Barnowe says the answer is two. Two people. Tracey is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and she has made it her mission to help congregations grow, not by using some secretive patented process, but by the age old process of welcoming people when they visit and inviting family and friends to worship with you. If you are in a declining Mainline Protestant congregation, this episode is for you. Tracy will also tell you why you just need two people to be church.