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Episode 74: COVID Isn't Done With You

Episode 74: COVID Isn't Done With You

We are coming up to the 2 year mark since COVID became a daily part of our lives. With little fanfare, America passed 900,000 lives lost to the virus. After two very long years, everyone is tired. We are tried of wearing masks, we are tired of events canceled, we are tired of the culture war- we are just tired. Journalist Barri Weiss recently proclaimed she was “done with COVID.” But is Weiss right? No, says Methodist Pastor Drew McIntrye. McIntyre is the pastor of Grace United Methodist Church in Greensboro, NC and is also the spouse of a doctor. He took to the internet to write a blog post reflecting on COVID and his physician wife. Looking at the pandemic through his wife’s experiences gave him a real-time view of the virus and that view is not pretty. We talk about the problem of ignorance passing as knowledge, selfishness as freedom and what it means to be a person of faith in a time of a pandemic.


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