Apr 25, 2022 • 55M

Episode 87: What Is Pietism with Christopher Gehrz

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Dennis Sanders
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What comes to mind when I use the word piety or pious? I’m guessing you are thinking of a person who is outwardly religious and believes they are better than anyone else around them. For people of a certain age it might be Dana Carvey’s Church Lady. But instead of thinking of a smirking and prim guy wearing a dress and a wig, you might want to think of John Wesley, the founder of what became Methodism and had an experience at a church in London where his heart was strangely warmed.

Today, I talk to Chris Gehrz, a professor at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul. Chris grew up in the Evangelical Covenant Church, an evangelical denomination founded by Swedish pietists. In this episode we talk about pietism beyond the stereotypes and figure out how this practice can help the modern church.