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Church and Main
Statler and Waldorf Meet Donald Trump

Statler and Waldorf Meet Donald Trump

As the Fourth of July passes us by, Dennis thinks about the missed opportunities the anti-Trump/NeverTrump movement is making and what that means for American democracy. He ends talking about the downfall of Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance, from anti-Trump critic interested in helping the working class to Trump-loving MAGA troll. The future is bright on this episode!

Populism & Policy: Where to go from here

‘Trump Forever’ clobbers ‘Never Trump’ in Texas

Attention Must Be Paid: The Electoral Lessons of the Working Class

Why Moderate Republicans Suck

J.D. Vance says he regrets since-deleted tweets criticizing Trump

Hypocrite’s Elegy: J.D. Vance Is an Avatar of GOP Corruption

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Church and Main
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