Jul 6, 2021 • 43M

Statler and Waldorf Meet Donald Trump

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Dennis Sanders
Church and Main is a podcast at the intersection of faith and modern life. Join Pastor Dennis Sanders as he shares the stories of faith interacting with the ever-changing world of the 21st century.
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As the Fourth of July passes us by, Dennis thinks about the missed opportunities the anti-Trump/NeverTrump movement is making and what that means for American democracy. He ends talking about the downfall of Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance, from anti-Trump critic interested in helping the working class to Trump-loving MAGA troll. The future is bright on this episode!

Populism & Policy: Where to go from here

‘Trump Forever’ clobbers ‘Never Trump’ in Texas

Attention Must Be Paid: The Electoral Lessons of the Working Class

Why Moderate Republicans Suck

J.D. Vance says he regrets since-deleted tweets criticizing Trump

Hypocrite’s Elegy: J.D. Vance Is an Avatar of GOP Corruption

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