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The Man Near the Moon

The Man Near the Moon

In this episode, Dennis uses his ADHD/Aspergers brain and takes on a potpourri of issues such as President Biden's speech to Congress, the role of the state and the center-right, Sen. Tim Scott's response and the United States as a racist nation, America becoming a post-religious nation and the fate of the mainline Protestant church.  He caps things off with a tribute to the "forgotten astronaut" of Apollo 11, Michael Collins.

Show Notes:
The Era of Limited Government is Over, by Ross Douthat

Individual and National Freedom: Toward a New Conservative Fusion by Brad Littlejohn

What libertarianism has become and will become — State Capacity Libertarianism by Tyler Cowen

Three Motivations for State Capacity Libertarians by Sam Hammond

America Will Be! Podcast Episode

I Love My Country. But Let’s Not Kid Ourselves, by Dennis Sanders

America Without God by Shadi Hamid

Breaking Faith by Peter Beinart

Will the ELCA Be Gone in 30 Years? By Dwight Zscheile

Why I Can’t Give Up on the Mainline, by Dennis Sanders

Astronaut Michael Collins was the ideal ‘Forgotten Man’ for Apollo 11 (Orlando Sentinel from 2019)

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