What do we do with a “Good Guy” in the Bible that raped a woman?
Episode 127: Am I A Progressive? with Amar PetermanListen now (66 min) | Can Christians in the United States break out of the left-right binary?
Episode 126: How NOT to do EvangelismListen now (17 min) | Or how to share your faith without being an ass.
A Story from 30 Years ago shows how much of the common ground was lost to partisanship.
Episode 125: LGBTQ Issues in the Evangelical Covenant Church with Chris GehrzListen now (58 min) | Can the Pietist denomination learn to live in the tension?
We should be asking what God is up to.
What an over-the-top Christmas pageant has to say about the church in 2023.

December 2022

In the world of Elenor Rigby, no one has time to listen to a sermon by a priest about a woman no one knows or cares to know.
in our desire for the perfect church, pastors miss what God might be doing right in front of us.
The Pretense of Race Liberalism is Fading Away. That’s a Bad Thing.
Episode 124: What Is A "Progressive Christian?"Listen now (17 min) | Does Christianity need a descriptor like "conservative" or "progressive?"
Trailer: This is Church and Main.Listen now (1 min) | A New Trailer about this podcast.