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EnRoute Excursions: Drew McIntryre on Black Lives Matter

EnRoute Excursions: The End of Sears

Episode 66: 2021 Year in Review

Episode 65: Possession Obsession

Episode 65: Possession Obesession

Episode 64: Goodbye, Columbus

Episode 63: Michael Siegel on the Rise of Omicron

Episode 62: The Scandal of Jesus and Black Lives Matter

Most Recent Podcasts #1

Episode 61: The Death and Resurrection of Peace Lutheran Church

Episode 60: We Have Some Healing To Do (Rewind)

Small Churches Are the Right Size

Episode 58: Two Aspergers and A Microphone

Episode 57: The Last of the Lutherans?

Take One Worship Service and Call Me in the Morning

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Episode 56: Michael Kruse on What Christians Don‘t Get About Economics

Episode 55: Marian Edmonds Allen on the Utah Compromise

Episode 54: Yael Ossowski On What‘s So Bad About Facebook?

Episode 53: What Does Communion Have to Do With Racial Justice?

Episode 52: What Is Christian Democracy with William Fleming

Episode 50: When Is Inclusion a Bad Thing?

Bonus: Who Killed Sears and Kmart?

Episode 49: Ariel Hill-Davis on Republican Women for Progress

Episode 46: Josh Lewis on the Future of Conservatism

Little Jaunts: Michael Siegel on the Coronavirus

The Blue, the Black and the Grey: Chris Mackowski on the American Civil War

Episode 40: Rob Sanders on the Interstate Highway System (Rewind)

The Final Frontier: Michael Siegel on Space Exploration

Mainline Medley

Episode 37: Geoff Mitchell on Mainline Protestantism

Episode 36: Justice, Reconciliation and the Civil War

Church in the Time of COVID #1: Rev. Joe Tognetti

Statler and Waldorf Meet Donald Trump

Give Me Jesus

The Second Trailer

Read All About It: Kevin D. Hendricks on Hyperlocal News

When History Rhymes: Andrew Donaldson on the SBC



La Vie En Route

The Price of Power: Napp Nazworth on Evangelicalism and Trump

Doing Time on the Mainline

The Thing With Feathers

The Republican Underpants Gnome Theory

The Future Is Faction: An Interview with Reed Howard on the GOP

Potpourri : Liz, NeverTrump, Unemployment, Israel-Palestine

Democracy in the Golden Age of Bulls***t

Is Black Still Beautiful?

Why Are Pastors Leaving the Ministry?

Liz Cheney: The Iron Lady

The Man Near the Moon

Give Me the Highway: Rob Sanders on the Interstate Highway System

A Great Cloud of Witnesses: A Meditation on the Chauvin Verdict

George Floyd's Life Matters

Only Nixon Could Do Health Care Reform

Common Good Conservative

America Will Be!

Church in the Time of Apocalypse

Guns, Germs and Weal

Attention Must Be Paid

This Is the Reset

Who Mourns for the GOP?

One Year On

We Have Some Healing to Do

Demographics, Destiny and Doom

The New Party of Lincoln

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